I will back soon i promise it

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I will back soon i promise it Empty I will back soon i promise it

Post  [AHE]Ichigo on Sun 17 May 2009, 12:28 am

HI all

Im posting from my uncle house in Monterrey posting two great news

1° The first one its i will back online in one month =D Very Happy bounce

Im to very impatient to get my internet back online bounce Very Happy

2° I made a great discovery here my friend in moterrey make an offer to upgrade my inernet bandwith to 24mb!!!!
He can sell me the Internet modem with the technology ADSL2 so with that speed not only i will play halo to very quick i can create two descent servers with 12mb of speed each one, one for halo CE and Halo the cost of the modem with that speed its almost 60dlls its a great invest for the servers its better than pay a lot of money every month for one server, if can buy it i can put two more servers for free, actually i cant buy it.

You know why i cant i saved the half of the debt to pay three months of internet service so wait for me to join to the party Laughing

Some few weeks ago before im leaving temporally i leave a donation link to paypal if some mebers still wants the servers i mentionated can donate there to buy the modem at the next day i get my internet back and in three days after im online i will put the servers online sharing the rcon pass for all the admins, Senior Admins and Clan Leaders

Consider that so paul if he want he can transfer me the one of him servers to open it so he can save some money and in that form i can help more clan.

Remember, if someone wants to help with that click in the donation link, only one month

Paypal Donate link

[AHE] Ichigo
Clan Leader

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