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Post  [AHE]Ichigo on Sun 29 Mar 2009, 7:04 pm

Hi AHE members

Here are the rules for this forums

1° No spamming (except in Spamz zone)
2° No Adult content in your post
3° No offensive Username
4° No nading or offensive content
5° Please post in the correct area
6° No double or triple posts or more posts
7° This rule is only for admins. In order to log in here you must have the tag AHE in your username.
8° The infraction bar records your infractions when you break the forums rules
9° If you get an infraction for 100 points the first time you will be banned for 7 days, second time one month, third time permanent, so be carefull to obey the rules.

Please follow the rules


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